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Digital Courses

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Who doesn't need more money? Who doesn't, right?! So let's chat about how to make that a reality! There are so many different avenues to creating additional income and is definitely possible to do more than one! And guess what else, you can start now! I break down terms, and give examples and ideas of each one!


This is a step-by-step guide to help you establish the legalities of your business. The guide covers certificates, licenses, bank accounts and how to choose a business entity (Sole Proprietorship, LLC, LLP, Corporation, etc)

Understanding the basics of accounting for the growing entrepreneur. How to pay yourself, hire help, what financial reports mean and why you need them, utilizing your accounting/bookkeeping systems.


This class lays out everything a small business owner and entrepreneur needs to know about preparing for and filing their taxes. You will be taught how business taxes work, what to implement to prepare for filing season, and how to chose the best scenario for your business type. 

This workshop teaches business owner's the in's and out's of money management for yourself and your business, personal and business credit, and business taxes. This will help you understand business finances and get you on the right track to implement good practices to increase revenue, decrease your tax bill and build wealth.

This 15 minute video training will get you started in the right direction with budgeting and saving. I break down what a budget is and give some tips on how to make your budget work for you. I also include savings hacks and how to get the most our of your banking experience. Instructed by Courtney Matthews, Tax Accountant and Business Coach


This course teaches you how to plan out your launch to include creating an effective marketing strategy, systems to use for automation, email marketing, growing your audience, and more tips for a successful launch. Comes with launch calendar, timeline templates, and marketing strategy outline. 


This course walks you through the steps of setting up your operations and logistics process of your business. Whether you a just starting out or growing and looking to expand, this course helps you make sure you have the proper systems in place to grow without hesitation or worry.

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